10 Great Poker Training Tools

Everyone should have some kind of poker training program for improving their game.

This is even true for experienced players, but it is even more true for newer players who are not yet making an income. Here are ten great poker training tools to consider:

1. Experience

Actual experience has always been the main way to get a handle on the game. If you insist on getting your experience by playing with your money, be very careful. Seasoned poker players are math whizzes who know the game in and out, but they are also experts at psychology. They just love finding gullible newbies like you to toy with.

2. Freerolls

This is a great way to practice without spending a lot of money, but be aware the free variable makes it difficult to get a genuine experience.

3. Tournaments

In tournaments, everyone gets the same size stack of chips for a cheap buy-in and then you play until they are gone. Just try to hang in as long as you can and get some experience without spending a fortune.

4. Books

There is a real wealth of material out there on poker theories and strategy by some of the best players in the world. Reading should always be a part of your training program.

5. Internet Articles

You can also find a lot of information on the web, but make sure you know the motivations of the article. A lot of internet articles these days are just written to get you to buy something else. This doesn’t necessarily mean the information isn’t quality, but it is something you should keep in mind.

6. Video Games

There are all sorts of video games out there you can use to practice poker in your free time. Many use internet capabilities so you can play against other human players.

7. Forums

A lot of experts spend time on the forums, and many are willing to discuss their favorite strategies as well as where you can find great resources online. Forums can be a great way to network.

8. Television

ESPN and other channels play a lot of poker games these days. Just try to avoid the ones that cut out parts of the game to keep it action-packed because they will give you a misguided sense of the game.

9. Poker Training Videos

Even better than watching television are the poker training videos found on good poker training sites. These are also live games, but with poker experts explaining everything throughout the game.

10. Personal Coaching

Also found on many poker training sites, personal coaches are perhaps the best way to learn anything, and poker is no different. Your coach should help you strengthen all your weaknesses and monitor your progress.

Put some of these poker training tools to use and you can quickly improve your game.

Learning to be a winning player should not be a passive process. Like becoming a master at anything, it will take time and dedication; really, it should be a major part of your life. Set up a poker training plan now, or sign up for a program that will send you on your way to success.